Waste Management Services


We are pleased to inform you that we are the leading custodial and waste management services providers in Pakistan. Currently we are providing these services in many cities of Pakistan.
According to our discussion and subsequent inspection of your site we are pleased to quote the following rates for garbage disposal/compactor and waste purchase.

Tools & Equipment

  • One (1) Hydraulic Compactor 18cm for General Waste
  • Open skip containers of 10 or 18cm at customer’s demand

Different colored drums /cages shall be provided by TSM on locations to ensure the waste difference, for example:

  • Green Color = Solid Waste
  • Blue Color Drum = Liquid Waste
  • Black Color Drum = Paper Waste
  • Red Color Drum = food Waste


TSM shall provide trained uniform janitors to lift the garbage from store on daily basis. Garbage lifter’s uniforms shall be different with janitorial staff.