Why TSM - TSM-Total Solution Masters

TSM: Leading the Process

TSM is a leader in janitorial, cleaning, maintenance and outsourcing services. We've helped thousands of clients in over 50 cities of Pakistan to simplify the management of their offices, business processes and operational infrastructure. TSM’s business process outsourcing (BPO) services - as well as our innovative mix of janitorial, supplies, catering, horticulture, fumigation and other cleaning services– front desk management and heavy cleaning equipment for public sector organizations, telecom & utility companies, healthcare providers, business & professional services and more, including many of the world's largest enterprises.
Our impressive track record is a direct result of one critical ability: We don’t simply sell services; we take the time to understand how our customers work. Each industry demands different skill sets, and one product could never plug and play in all scenarios. We work closely with our clients to customize solutions to their businesses—from our extensive technology portfolio—to fit your needs, not ours. And we’re proud of the resulting rock-solid relationships with multi-nationals for more than 06 years, which illustrate our ability to achieve objectives, pinpoint needs, manage the resulting solution, and adapt to changing industry cultures and business trends.


TSM-Total Solution Masters Cleaning and Janitorial Services pledge to keep improving its procedures to ensure complete satisfaction of our clients by providing excellent services through motivated, qualified and dynamic team of people.


As the employer we have overall responsibility for health and safety of our employees working at different facilities. We have delegate responsibility for day to day task to our safety manager and site supervisors. Responsibilities are clearly set so that if there are any health and safety concerns, they can be reported to dedicated person.


Our priority is to provide a service of superior quality and consistency at a reasonable rate. In order to achieve this goal, our company fields a team of well trained and knowledgeable professionals. This commitment is carried out through extensive training. New staff work with experienced staff and we invest a considerable amount of time to ensure they know exactly what they are supposed to do. All new staff is monitored consistently until we feel comfortable with their performance. They are then rated on a regular basis.
TSM has developed a strong technical team to control and manage projects anywhere in Pakistan

Key Features of TSM Technical Strength

  1. Data Control System
  2. Sub-Vendors Evaluation Criteria
  3. Standard Operation Procedures for employees and vendors
  4. HSE/QA audits of sub vendors/suppliers
  5. Regular Medical Checkups of out sourced TSM staff
  6. Acceptance of Government Liabilities
  7. Project Deliverables
  8. Job agreement with every employee.
  9. Complete data availability of all employees
  10. Environment Policy
  11. Organizational Chart
  12. Hiring Terms Conditions
  13. Police Verification for every TSM Member
  14. Staff Trainings on HSE and Quality assurance/Quality Control
  15. 24hour Help line response Center
  16. Emergency Response Time
  17. Material Handling and logistics Control Trainings
  18. Client’s Feedback forms
  19. Technical Application Support
  20. Monthly check ups equipment and tools
  21. Project Improvement Plans
  22. KPIs for TSM staff

Essentially TSM

In order for each link of the chain to be successful, we operate as a team, with our values reflecting teamwork:

  1. We work to deliver the highest level of client experience
  2. We create an environment that inspires innovation
  3. We deliver on our promises
  4. We build trust by thinking and acting with integrity
  5. We collaborate and move as one

Third Party Support Services

As well as providing comprehensive on-site and off-site support plans for our own service solutions TSM offers our clients competitive services through a dedicated and skilled field-based work force together with an impressive 7 x 24 centralized support staff.

TSM's core competency for Third Party Services leverages our unique capabilities in key areas of expertise

  • Janitorial /Housekeeping Services
  • Fumigation
  • Outsourcing staff for offices and Industries
  • Front Desk Management Services
  • Waste Management
  • Horticulture
  • Post Construction Cleaning

TSM's service organization also supports all of the business processing outsourced and product solutions provided to clients’ country wide. TSM can provide support services around the clock - with help desk, on-site response, call centre, deployment, consumables, and cleaning equipment refreshment services.

Service Management

Any department that deals with external customers will benefit from having a complete record of every service and instant access to all associated documentation throughout the lifecycle of each service case. TSM helps you to meet the needs of your customers by providing tailored case management solutions that track each stage of the services - from the first contact through to the final resolution.
With TSM you can manage services loads more efficiently. It enables management, customer service and sales staffs to use case histories to develop better business practices, analyze customer behavior, and improve success rates.
In TSM we strictly follow the following principles regarding HSE/QA:

1. Freedom of association

In TSM employees free to join a labour organization and/or bodies, seek representation or bargain collectively if they so wish.

2. Forced labor

2.1 Any employment agency on our behalf; do not require employees to deposit money or original identity papers (i.e. passport, national identity cards, educational certificates, birth certificates etc.) during the term of employment.
2.2 Our employees are free to resign/quit work after submitting a resignation with reasonable notice.
2.3 TSM communicates termination of employment towards all employees in personal written notice.

3. Child labor

TSM always verify the age of employees through control of valid official documents like, passport, national ID cards, birth or educational certificates, driving license etc. TSM has no persons under the age of 18 working for you.

4. Dedicated Resource for HSE and QA/QC

We have a dedicated person (full -time) responsible for health and safety and quality assurance of services and products for all of our employees and customers

5. Health Checkups

TSM provide regular health checks for employees exposed to potential health risks in different projects like fumigation/chemical handling, external glass cleaning etc.

6. Near miss/severe incident reports

TSM has a procedure in place to secure reporting of all severe accidents/incidents to management.

7. Equal opportunity

Our company un limits employment, and/or promotion on the basis of race, colour, sex, sexual orientation, religion, union membership, nationality, indigenous or social status, disability or social origin.

8. Disciplinary practices

We ensure that employees are not physically or verbally abused or suffer from any form of intimidation or equivalent practices in our company.

Standard Operating Procedures and KPIs

  1. TSM-Total Solution Masters will provide two pairs of uniform and one pair of safety shoes to all Janitors twice a year. In addition, the TSM will also provide a sweater as winter wear. The TSM will ensure cleanliness of the uniform and ensure high standards of hygiene through regular training and spot checks.
  2. The TSM shall at its own cost, take adequate measures to protect its Janitors against small pox, T.B. and other communicable diseases such as Hepatitis and HIV and provide test results to Administration as proof. The TSM shall be solely liable for the maintenance of discipline, safety, welfare, housing, transportation and medical treatment of its personnel and shall make adequate arrangements of the same.
  3. The TSM shall ensure security clearance of its Janitors from the police and appropriate Govt. authorities and shall minimize the frequency of change in Janitors for administration. The TSMshall provide Administration with proof of security clearance as and when desired.
  4. The TSMshall be directly and solely responsible for the actions of the TSM personnel (Tea Boy and/or Janitor). The TSM shall indemnify and reimburse administration for any loss due to theft and/or pilfering by any employee of the TSM. The amount of reimbursement shall be mutually agreed between the parties.
  5. If any Janitor/tea boy is absent from their job for 3 or more than 3 days then the TSM will be responsible to provide replacement on immediate basis. Replacement should be extended on immediate basis.
  6. Administration will not bear any supervisory cost; a supervisor will be appointed to supervise 10 or more TSM staff at each location.
  7. Operational guidelines and KPIs are provided by the TSM and shall be strictly adhered to by the TSM and the Staff.